Brean Cunningham is a documentary filmmaker currently directing his first feature-length documentary, Dogs on the Inside. Filmed in a Massachusetts prison, Dogs on the Inside follows the birth of a relationship between abandoned rescue dogs and prison inmates as they work together toward a second chance at a better life.

Brean recently returned from Churchill, Manitoba, also known as "The Polar Bear Capital of the World", after filming and producing a short documentary about people living in polar bear country.  He also traveled to West Africa this year to work with Mary Olive Smith (Director, A WALK TO BEAUTIFUL) on a web advocacy video about the positive effects of de-worming schoolchildren in Ghana.  

Brean is currently working on multiple projects including CHEER, the new documentary from Mary Olive Smith about a cheerleading team with developmental disabilities; the upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary anthology about the making of the FRIDAY THE 13TH films; and various commercial projects. 

Brean graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in Government.